IPCC Sixth Assessment Report

GIEC les trajectoires d'émissions

This month we were planning to bring you the results of our survey on public attitudes towards the tokenisation of solar PV installations, however we decided to keep the survey open to gather more responses, To fill in the gap in our blogging calendar we were lucky enough to have an epic report on a related topic to regale you with . . .

The IPCC 6th assesment report assess the impacts of climate change on nature and humanity, and their capacities and limits for adaptation. These reports are issued by this internationally accepted authority on climate change every 6-7 years. The full report runs into a wopping 3675 pages! Even the summary of the summary is 40 pages long. To give you a digital mango flavour of the contents we have selected some choice nuggets of information hand picked from the FAQs section

“It is clear now that minor, marginal, reactive or incremental changes won’t be sufficient. In addition to technological and economic changes, shifts in most aspects of society are required to overcome limits to adaptation, build resilience, reduce climate risk to tolerable levels, guarantee inclusive, equitable and just development and achieve societal goals without leaving anyone behind.”

“Climate change impacts are increasingly being felt in all regions of the world with growing challenges for water availability, food production and the livelihoods of millions of people. We also know that impacts will continue to increase if drastic cuts in greenhouse gas emissions are further delayed – affecting the lives of today’s children tomorrow and those of their children much more than ours. But science is also clear: with immediate action now, drastic impacts can still be prevented.”

“By investing in adaptation now, the world will avoid higher investments in the future because the potential benefits of adaptation activities outweigh their costs in the long term.”

“An overall increase in climate resilience requires two combined sets of actions: first, a wide range of actions that reduce human-induced greenhouse gas emissions drastically; secondly, a similarly wide range of actions that transform the way we live our lives and puts human society on the path of sustainable development.”

“In brief: Climate Resilient Development involves everyone. The prospects for effective action improve when governments at all levels work with citizens, civil society, educational bodies and scientific institutions, the media, investors and businesses”

“The choices we make in the next decade will determine our future. . .”

The report underlines the importance of fundamental changes in society, this is a matter of urgency because a ‘stitch in time saves nine.’

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