The definition of madness - a survey

de la folie

One of the proverbial definitions of madness is doing the same thing again and again and expecting to get a different outcome. At Digital Mango we believe that we have a different way of doing things, different enough to be of great use in the fight against climate change.

The structure and incentives of the modern economy are driving us slowly but surely towards homelessness. Access to fossil fuels, necessary to drive economic growth, cause conflict. Burning those fuels causes climate change. Both of these activities render hospitable and fertile lands uninhabitable.

Centralised power production, uses resources inefficiently, produces pollution and encourages consumer profligacy.

It would be quite mad of anyone to expect the institutions and governments, which are the motors of the modern economy, to change their mindless profit and growth seeking behaviour anytime soon.

So, how to fix this?

By growing Digital Mangos of course!

We fundamentally believe in the need for a transition to a low carbon economy, that it is eveyones’ responsibility to get there and that we should all be able to share in the benefits that it will bring 

We are busy working, with this sole objective in mind, to produce a sustainable business model which will allow you to invest in the photovoltaic projects which will power the new green economy. So that the model is as much in your favour as it is ours we are calling for responses to a short anonymous survey:

Questionnaire on Digital Mango's crowdfunding platform

Let’s enjoy that sweet digital mango fruit together!

To know more about Digital Mango or the staking/baking process, to invest in one of our projects or simply to join our team: Get in touch today!

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