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Does your organisation have a large south facing roof and want to reduce its electricity bills? Perhaps you want to convince your stakeholders of your green credentials? Do you want to engage your local community in a positive way in the fight against climate change?
With our unique funding model, all these things are possible without impacting your financial budget.
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Do you have some money available that you want to invest in the fight against climate change? Do want to see a generous return on this investment? Do you want to own some solar panels but feel uncomfortable about the way they would look on your home?
We offer the opportunity to own small parts of large, community and commercial scale PV arrays .


Digital Mango strongly believe in collaborative working, that we should all share in the benefits that moving to a low carbon future will bring; here are some ways you can help to democratise investment in photovoltaics:
  • Share a link to our website with people you think could engage with our mission
  • Invest in one of our projects, investments can be from as little as 50 EUR !
  • Stake your Tezos with our baking service
  • Join the team! Send us your CV and reasons why you want to grow digital mangos
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