Solar parking canopies

Ombrières photovoltaique

Efficiency is almost always applauded, in all walks of life and measures of performance. It equates to doing more with less. When it comes to energy this is one of our favourite outcomes and when our investments can accomplish additional benefits other than producing electricity from sunshine we are all in!

At the very end of last year the French government announced new energy policy « Accélération des énergies renouvelables » which will greatly accelerate the installation of photovoltaic generation capacity on French soil. The policy is one of stick rather than carrot, and it is great to see governments finally requiring renewable energy capacity to be installed rather than half heartedly promoting it with their usual greenwashing.

It has been decreed that all carparks in excess of 100 spaces will need to be covered by structures supporting solar PV panels. The policy is one which progressively tightens the requirements for action by car park owners. Owners of car parks over 10,000m2 (or approximately 700 spaces) will be required to install solar shading canopies before the 1st of July 2026 whereas those with lesser areas will have an extra 2 years to complete the work.

Where the second benefit comes in is for car drivers, who will return to lower temperature vehicles, vehicles which will therefore require less air conditioning and as a consequence burn slightly less fossil fuel.

Although this policy could be seen as a green light, to society at large, that driving to out of town supermarkets is a great thing to do, we prefer to see the opportunity that it presents for investors such as yourself to own a small part of the future means of production, not to mention the electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

We will be actively seeking car parking sites to develop in this vein and if you know of any owners of car parks who would like to share the burden of this investment with our investors (which means you!) then please don’t hesitate to put them in touch with us.

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