Saint Valentine and the digital mango

Saint Valentin et la digital mango

Throughout the ages there have been as many stories of love told as there have been humans alive to live them. Some have made it into songs, some into cinema and a few have even made it as far as becoming a legend. Few protagonists in these stories can claim to have personified love so completely as St. Valentine. So who was St. Valentine and what on earth has he got to do with digital mangos?

St Valentine lived in 3rd century Rome where he was an early Christian priest. The early Christians were heavily persecuted by the Roman authorities, none more so than those who dared to spread this new mono atheist religion which proved such a threat to their pagan gods. Not only was St Valentine an evangelist but he also offered to marry couples who adhered to his faith. This further infuriated the authorities who were against anyone aiding this new religious sect. According to one version of the story he is alleged to have given hearts, cut from parchment, to the newly weds to remind them of their vows. If the original valentines day cards contained soppy love messages or were dowsed in perfume we will most likely never know . . .

We at Digital Mango are not what you might call religious. A certain amount of spirituality and a lot of passion finds its way into our work, of course, but being beholden to a greater authority, of any kind, is not really our thing.

Reading between the lines of his story, St Valentine, it is clear, would have found reason to call upon his inner mangoist. He was not willing to be told how he could live his live, a life he dedicated to the beliefs he thought would help his fellow men find a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. He resisted the status quo and the hegemony of the Roman Empire. So, if we transport this beautiful personality forward in time to the present day it is clear that he would resonate with Digital Mango’s raison d’etre; to put the power back into the hands of the people, giving them real world projects to invest in which will simultaneously aid the fight against climate change and reduce their dependence on centralised energy production. By harnessing the power of a community, St Valentine would have noted, we are always able to achieve more than we are capable of as individuals.

Where the parallels of our stories start to diverge is with St Valentine’s meeting with the emperor. This ended particularly badly for our saint in question on the 14th feb 269, we will spare you the gory details but needless to say after this meeting he conducted no further marriages. Not in this world at least.

At Digital Mango we are not looking to be beatified, nor are we asking anyone to lose their head for our cause, we would however be very grateful if you could carry out a small act of support to our mission and fill out this short survey:

Like a valentines day card from a mystery admirer the survey is anonymous. We are researching public opinion on features for our crowd funding platform which will be released later this year. So, if you have fallen in love with the idea of owning some solar panels in the South of France do as St. Valentine would and help plant a digital mango today!

To know more about Digital Mango or the staking/baking process, to invest in one of our projects or simply to join our team: Get in touch today!

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