Nomadic Labs big-up the arrival of our Tezos baker

Tezos developers Nomadic Labs

This week, the final week of the COP 26 summit, we were highly honored to be listed by Nomadic Labs, the largest research and development centre within the Tezos ecosystem in France, as a corporate baker on the Tezos network. 

Baking is the process of validating transactions and in turn, adding new blocks, to the Tezos blockchain.

Why are we interested in doing this?

By becoming a bakerDigital Mango help to secure and decentralise the Tezos blockchain. Tezos is the blockchain upon which the security tokens, which will represent shares in our clients' photovoltaic projects, will be created.

By running a baker on the network we receive baking rewards in Tez, the native token of the Tezos blockchain. We are also able to directly engage in the governance of the network, and in the future will be able to include transactions in the blocks that we bake free of charge.

But probably the biggest advantage to us is to be part of the wider Tezos community, a community which is currently growing at an exponential rate. . .

So if you are reading this article as a member of that community, why not stake your Tezos with us? By delegating to Digital Mango you can be assured that you are using your money to secure positive action against climate change.

The magic of the digital world means that you do not need to go all the way to Glasgow to make your voice heard!

To know more about Digital Mango or the staking/baking process, to invest in one of our projects or simply to join our team: Get in touch today!

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