Website launch!

Cut mango

Welcome to the first blog post on our brand new website! We hope that you enjoy looking around our site as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

Even a journey of a 1000 kilometres starts with a single step and we consider the launching of our website to be a significant one. The journey that we are embarking on is one which galvanises communities and investors in the fight against climate change.
We have got lots of interesting subjects to cover in future blog posts; community renewable energy, photovoltaic technology, security tokens, and more... but if you have got a particular burning issues that you want us to cover we would love to hear from you.
Let’s get on the road to net-zero-carbon together!
Solar panels from above

To know more about Digital Mango or the staking/baking process, to invest in one of our projects or simply to join our team: Get in touch today!

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